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Social & Economic Development

Social & Economic Development
We preserve and grow shareholder wealth by balancing risk through the diversification of our asset portfolio across several industries and asset classes in defensive sectors. However, it is our deep commitment to the sustainable social and economic development of our kingdom that is the key factor in our investment decision making process.

Vision 2030 is transforming the Kingdom, and Al Othman seeks to play a key role. Therefore, we are proactively investing in growth sectors that facilitate national goals, leveraging international expertise and deep market knowledge and insights to forecast market trends and maximise on opportunities.

Economic diversification has facilitated exceptional growth in several sectors, such as tourism and energy, and Al Othman is exploring these and other new landscapes, aiming to acquire majoritity shares in companies in these growth sectors, where we take an active management approach, providing expert guidance that creates value and generates greater returns.

Underpinning our commitment to sustainability and our innovative spirit, we will continue to diversify our portfolio, keeping our finger on the pulse of change, as we think differently to not only grow wealth, but also to invest in a better, and more sustainable world.